About Us

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a company specializing in the Technical and Commercial Communication and Coordination of Projects within the Latinamerican and European markets for the Food and Beverage industries.

Our aim is to accompany and advise our clients, taking advantage of our vast intercultural expertise. Project coordination requires planning and simultaneous management of several tasks, which are fundamental in reaching the goals that have been set.

Our company, located in West Munich, Germany, has been up and running since 1999 and is currently made up of a team of 10 direct and indirect collaborators, who come from diverse cultural backgrounds with two or more mother tongues.

We advise businesses and coordinate their respective projects in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our primary ability is to construct a bridge beyond culture and language, so that companies from different continents may conclude their projects quickly and successfully.

CavenalAs of June 2015 we are officially active member of the Venezuelan-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry CAVENAL  and our goal is to provide a bridge between cultures and languages in order to lend support to companies in carrying out their projects.

DoemensFurthermore, from July 2015, we are representatives of the Doemens Academy GmbH for the South American region.
Doemens, whose headquarters is in Múnich Graefelfing, Germany, is an internationally prestigious  institution, renowned for its preparation, specialization and consultancy in industries involved in the beer, beverage and food industries.

With university studies in Modern Languages (German, English and Spanish) from Universidad Central de Venezuela, Radio and Television announcer from the same university and specialization in technical translation in Munich, Germany.

Intercultural communicator by passion and by profession.

Visited Germany in 1983. This left a deep mark which later defined the road she would follow in the world of intercultural communications and relationships.

With over 23 years of experience in the food and beverage market of Latin America and 13 years specializing in technical translations for the beer industry from Munich, Germany.

Heleen joined our team in 2004 as a key element for intercultural communication, project coordination and translations.

“There is nothing more wonderful for a Venezuelan in love with Germany and who can also work every day with the Latinamericans she carries in her heart! More than a job, it´s having friends in every single country and each project becomes a personal one that must be carried out with joy and determination.”