Project Management

Services offered by Transleixa

Intercommunication and support to all the managers involved and to the company’s units

Project_Realization_01In the framework of project planning and development, we lend our support through daily communication with the technical directors who are responsible for the project. We also offer our clients complete commercial coordination of the project.

The client decides on the extent, according to their knowledge and experience with the supplier’s culture and familiarity with the language.

Evaluation and coordination of the schedule of each project

The evaluation of the soil,Project_Realization_12 the climate, the administrative laws of each country and their building codes are all important parameters that must be analyzed in order to plan a schedule successfully.

The start-up within a planned period of time, the opening of a plant, the purchase of material and equipment and their corresponding logistics are all important projects that must be evaluated and coordinated.

Verification of the phases of each project and their viability

Project_Realization_13“In South America the wind blows backwards!”

Together with the project director, we check all the stages of the Project.

We check its viability and the problems that may arise. We coordinate the logistics and act as a link between all those involved during the phases of: Installation and Assembly, Start-Up and Acceptance Test.

Coordination of communications between clients and contractors and also with other companies or organizations involved throughout all the stages of the project

We coordinate and ensure theProject_Realization_04 continuous flow of information between all units participating to carry out and successfully complete the project within the scheduled time.